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Do you know why big companies trust in our work?
With 10 years of experience in the market of digital media duplication, along with a
young and dynamic team, LGP Digital as became the trustful partner of big companies
of several business areas, as telecommunications, record companies, book publishing,
video publishing, tv stations, securety, banks, universities e several other institutions.
LGP Digital makes use of high technologie in the process of digital media duplication, on
the various steps of production:

MASTERING - The SONY SLIM system in a clean room class 100, is used to achieve
high fidelity in the fabrication and STAMPER verification process, overcoming all the
high Red Book standards.

REPLICATION - Sofisticated injection lines, are used to assure a big production.
QUALITY TESTS - Along with disc tests in each replication line, an extreme and
exhaustive test is done to the STAMPER in real time.

MANIPULACION - All the packaging process, including disc mounting on the
various type of cases (jewel box, carton cd sleeve, plastic cd sleeve) and further
packaging is automatic, contributing for product line optimization at 100%.

linha Exclusive Representative
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linha Exclusive Representative
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